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Smart Pet Website Order Form

To order one of our all in one website packages, please carefully and thoroughly fill out the form below. nnWhen you press the SUBMIT button, you will be transferred to PAYPAL to complete your payment. Please be patient, as it can take a few moments for you to be transferred.
    Please note that this is a YEARLY fee.

    Please note:

    If you have chosen Certified Check or Money Order, your website order will be filled once payment has been received. You should send payment through expedited mail or courier if you require your website urgently.

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  • Page Title Page Will Be About:
    Please note: All websites must include a home page and a contact page. The pages listed above should be in keeping with the website package you are ordering. Example: Bronze consists of 4 pages total. You will request 2 pages above to add to your home and contact pages.
  • Pet Breeders Only

    If you are not a breeder, please skip this section

  • Ideas:
    • How long you have been breeding.
    • What you love about your breed(s).
    • Show wins or other accomplishments.
    • How are your dogs/cats treated/socialized?
    • What makes you a reputable, responsible breeder?
  • Ideas:
    • What tests do your dogs undergo prior to breeding
    • Are puppies vet checked/vaccinated?.
    • Do you feed a premium diet?
    • Do you offer a health guarantee?
    • Can you provide veterinary references on request?
    Please note that you should only choose the number of pages that are allowed in your chosen website package above.
  • Add On Services

    In addition to your website package selected above, the following add-on services can be purchased for a one-time fee. Please select any that you would like to have included with your package.

  • I hereby request the above indicated services. I acknowledge and agree to the fees detailed above. I understand and acknowledge that I am purchasing a service, and that the fees detailed above are for services to be rendered, If I cancel this service after work has commenced, I acknowledge and agree that a fee of $50 per hour for any work that has been performed shall be charged prior to any refunds being provided,