About Smart Pet Websites

I’m Debbie Moore. I’ve been a website designer and SEO specialist focusing on providing services to dog breeders for more than 14 years. I am not a fly-by-night scammer or snake oil salesperson. I am a well respected designer and SEO with many years of designing successful breeder websites behind me.

In the last couple of years, the Internet and Google have changed so much that it is nearly impossible for a small web site to gain and keep a good position on Google. Big directory sites with a lot of clout have taken over, and the “experts” – reputable breeders who know the most about dogs, puppies, care and health have a difficult time getting visitors to their sites without paying a fortune in fees to be listed on these directory sites.

After months and months of testing and research, I have put together a secret weapon for breeders in this situation. I call it the “Smart Pet Website”, and it works – using simple, straightforward techniques that are not tricks – they are exactly what Google has been asking website owners to do for many years. By using this strategy, I have seen a number of websites literally jump to the top of Google within a few days. Most breeders websites are hidden gems, and once the information and photos are presented in a way that helps Google understand what your website is about.

And the real beauty of this is that the results are permanent, so long as you continue using the methods I have developed.

I am pricing Smart Pet Websites at a very affordable month to month fee, that includes a number of ongoing services to help you keep your position on Google – once it has been achieved.

The initial cost to redesign and host your website as a Smart Pet Site is just $500, including your first year of hosting and maintenance. (4 updates). After the first year, I charge you just $300 for hosting and maintenance (4 updates). To make this even more affordable, we are happy to break this amount up into quarterly payments of just $75, with an initial set up fee of $200 to cover the intensive work that is done up-front.

Each Smart Pet Website Includes:

  • Excellent Content Management System
  • Home Page – 500 words professionally written to engage your visitors and encourage them to contact you and delve into your site`s pages and photos
  • About Us Page – Professionally written information about your breeding program, health matters, guarantees, and what you expect from your buyers.
  • About Our Breed – Professionally written breed information profile about your breed. This will be an original content page – not found anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Contact Us Page – Contact information, plus (optional depending on your preferences) Email contact form and Google Maps.
  • Puppy Application
  • Form potential puppy buyers can fill out to apply for a puppy from you. This can include up to 12 questions you commonly ask when interviewing potential buyers. The information submitted is sent to you by email, and also stored in a database within your Smart Site, for future reference and to ensure that you receive all inquiries, since email can be somewhat unreliable. This form can also be integrated with Paypal, so that a deposit can be placed when the application is made.
  • Puppies For Sale Page

    Display unlimited photos of available pups, including plenty of details about each puppy. Each photo links to a larger image with an integrated application form for your buyer’s convenience.

  • Upcoming Litters Page

    Display unlimited photos of breeding pairs, including plenty of details about each breeding. Each photo links to a larger image with an integrated application form for your buyer’s convenience.

Photo Galleries Section

We’ll create 2 Photo Galleries: Our Dogs; and Extended Family (photos sent to you from puppy buyers). Each picture will link to a larger photo page including information.
Additional pages can be requested for a one-time set up fee of just $35 per page.

I can provide you with a list of websites that have found great success through this method, as well as many testimonials from long time, satisfied clients.

Please, if your website isn’t working the way it should and you’re not getting the visitors you need, give me a call toll free at 1-(855) 232-1962 to discuss your situation – or email me back with the best time and number to reach you through, along with the URL for your website.

I hope I can be of help to you, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to pass this information along. I greatly appreciate referrals.

Best regards,

Debbie Moore
Smart Pet Websites
1-(855) 232-1962